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Summer Blog Challenge Day 4 Digest

We’re progressing nicely. People have had some fantastic posts so far. I’d definitely look at Cliff’s random thoughts today and Christine’s thoughts on delegation, but that’s just me.

  • Liam tries his hand at another story idea.
  • Cliff rolls the dice.
  • Peter revs ‘er up.
  • Christine has left me out of order.
  • Vicki starts thinking of the year to come.
  • Zita with a strong superhero rant.
  • Natasha will be back after these messages.
  • Erie keeps on keepin’ on.
  • Kim with a real grown-er.
  • Shaun keeps his connections open.
  • Pris is ready to set some goals.
  • Mike longs for a milkshake.

Any thoughts on what you want to see in these digests? Or is the format JUST PERFECT? As always, let me know in the comments.

Happy blogging,


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Summer Blog Challenge Day 3 Digest

Day 3 sees the addition of Mike to the mix. He doesn’t have a day 3 entry yet, but this is where it will go when it shows up. You can look at the day one and day two digests to see his first two posts.

On with the digest:

  • Liam takes a look at Half a King by Joe Abercrombie
  • Cliff has no patience for minor details.
  • Peter swaps out his pipes.
  • Christine has a hard time saying goodbye.
  • Vicki keeps her eye on what’s important.
  • Zita is trying to fill a hole.
  • Natasha on respect.
  • Erie is in a new space.
  • Kim and the steady encroachment of autumn.
  • Shaun is heading out.
  • Pris wants to go back to school.
  • Mike opens up and unloads on the alehouse.

Good day and happy blogging,


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Summer Blog Challenge Day 2 Digest

The SBC is currently in negotiations to bring another participant on. If it happens, I’ll definitely let you know and update the past digests to accommodate his previous posts.

For now, let’s enjoy the blogging goodness of our participants:

  • Liam shares his first story idea
  • Cliff just can’t read.
  • Peter has to go back and do it again.
  • Christine mourns the loss of a storyteller.
  • Vicki talks about the hardest subject.
  • Zita doesn’t have time for this.
  • Natasha has to tell us about the hammer.
  • Erie would rather play Hungry Hungry Hippos
  • Kim has some pretty awesome parents.
  • Shaun really wants to swing this watch.
  • Pris nails it.
  • Mike saves big over an iPod

Have a good day,


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Ladies and Gentlemen, your Participants

With the comfortable assumption that nobody else will be signing up before the end of the day, I’m happy to announce the participants for the sixth or seventh annual Summer Blog Challenge. So, in order of their signing up, I present:

  • Liam: Yeah, I’m in. I can’t do anything else and hold on to my dignity.
  • Cliff: Mockery and scorn, no extra charge.
  • Peter: Toys, cars, pictures, and typing.
  • Christine: She’ll be trying to keep at it even in the face of another school year.
  • Vicki: A rookie to this blog challenge, I’m excited to see what she can bring.
  • Zita: She brings it every day.
  • Natasha: She’s been here before.
  • Erie: Another blog challenge newbie, but I have faith she’ll show us something.
  • Kim: A last-minute entrant, she resurrected her blog from four years ago to play again.
  • Shaun: A last-second entrant, Shaun hasn’t been in the challenge lately, so we’ll see what kind of rust he has to knock off of his game.
  • Pris: A post-last-second entrant who has challenged herself to writing fiction.
  • Mike (second blog): A post-first-day entrant who has two blogs. Don’t worry, I’ll post links to the relevant blog each day.

I’ve checked all the links I used and, as of publishing, they’re up-to-date. If someone does manage to squeak in under the deadline, I’ll add them here, but if you have a blog-roll for the challenge, like my outdated one (I’ll get it updated soon), then you can go ahead and use this.

Good luck everyone, and I’ll see you on your sites.


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Summer Blog Challenge — an Introduction

Another year, another challenge.

Every year with the summer blog challenge, I try to figure out at the beginning what I want it to be. In the past, I’ve used it to plan a story, and I’ve had challenges that have had no unifying theme. It’s been awhile since the story planning one, and I’m starting to feel like I want to do another writing-based one. But I also want the freedom of going off-script to write some other posts if the feeling overtakes me.

So, this is what I’m going to do.

Ray Bradbury once said that new writers should write short stories instead of novels. It gets more stories written, there’s some quicker feedback, and more obvious progress. And I think I agree with him. So that’s the area of writing on which I want to focus. But I’m ever plagued with the lifelong question: What should I write?

I’m not asking you this question. I’m asking it of myself. And that is going to be the thrust of this blog challenge. At the end, I want to have ten ideas that I can work on after the challenge is over.

I’m sure that I could come up with ten ideas and just throw them up here in this blog post, but I want more than that. I want a skeleton of a story that I can start to work on, not just a vague one-line description. So ten posts this challenge will be story proposals that I’m writing to myself. Along with this post and a final post that will talk about the stories and maybe a ranking of them, that leaves what? As many as 19 posts that could be about anything else.

And of course, I’m going to make an effort at the daily digest again, keeping all you blog fans up-to-date with the challenge posts from the others.

Later on, I’ll have another post later on with the participants and their blog information, and you can peek in on their blogs when the digest posts come out.

For now, I’m excited about the next month. There’s been a whole lot of not enough of this lately.


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Two Days

Two days. Just two. In two days, it’ll be another summer blog challenge, full of the typing, the frustration, the wracking of the brain to come up with yet another topic. I’m stoked. I’m really excited. I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a blog challenge since the first one.

It could be the fact that I’ve had nothing for free time lately, and what I have managed to carve out for myself has had nothing in the way of writing. It could also be that I haven’t really blogged since April. I don’t feel guilty to you guys for that, but to myself.

There is the job, the lack of time, and all of that, but I want to write. And if I want to write, the only way to do that is to grab the time and actually do it.

So, two days.

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Summer Blog Challenge – A Call for Fingers

On August 16, 2014, we’ll be kicking off the annual and much-beloved Summer Blog Challenge.

For those of you without context, I’ll explain.

Between August 16 and September 15, inclusive, I will endeavour to write one blog post every day. Those that join in will try the same. At the end, we’ll have a lot of new blog posts to read and hopefully a nice warm, glowy sense of community.

As in past years, I’ve toyed with the thought of themes or challenge days, write words on a picture or anecdote Wednesdays or something, but, as with previous years, I find myself low on time and energy to contemplate adding more to the challenge than is already there.

I will try really, really hard to have a daily digest post on this blog as well, with links to the previous day’s posts. I’d like to see all the participants commenting on each others’ blogs but I don’t really see any reason to enforce it. I’ve tried that in the past with less than stellar results.

So, if you want in, the procedure is simple. Leave a comment here saying you’d like in. In the comment, leave a link to your blog. Also, have a first post up by the end of the 16th (I usually won’t get the digest post up until after 8 am the next morning, so you can have it up by then if you just need an extension)

If you want to convince someone to do the Summer Blog Challenge, direct them to this post (address is and get them to comment on this post with a link to their blog and have a new post up and all that.

If you’re in, good luck. If you’re not, I hope you enjoy the month that’s to come.

That’s all for now,



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This month on In The Now

How many jobs have you had in your life? I counted. Depending on criteria, I’ve either had 27 or 28. That seems like a lot. Some of them ended well, some of them ended in disaster. Some of them just fizzled out.

Anyway, with last year’s 20 posts to 37, I used a scatter-shot of personal anecdotes, from my pugilistic history to embarrassments here and there. This year, with 20 posts to 38, I’m going to blog about a series of jobs that I had that ended. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to it.

You are warned.


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And the Performance Hits Keep A-Comin’

This week has been an extremely frustrating one for In The Now. You may notice that the theme has changed. I’m not concerned about that. That’s a small change to make.

What has been frustrating is that intermittently, or not so intermittently, my site would take, sometimes, up to two minutes to load. Why? There isn’t generally anything but text on the site. But DreamHost, my patient and helpful internet provider suggested I cache my content with a wordpress add-on. Then I got rid of Google Analytics, which I never use anyway, and Jetpack Site Stats, which I don’t entirely trust anymore.

Still with the performance issues. So I looked at my site’s code and it was still embedding a link to Google Analytics.

Turns out that the Analytics thing is also enabled on a domain level, so I had to go and unselect that as well. But the performance problem came back.

Anyway, it turns out that there was a problem with the apache service that was serving up my web pages, but that DreamHost has fixed that. I don’t know if there’s anything I can do for myself if this happens again but it appears to be fixed for now.

In the future, I have plans to update the theme and appearance of the site. I just hope I don’t have to fight with performance again.

As you were,


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Summer Blog Challenge Day 28 Digest

Submitted without comment. Except that one. And that one and this one.

  • Liam sets the bar incredibly low.
  • Natasha provides visual stimulation.
  • Zita grabs some intellectual stimulation
  • Peter is the spider man.
  • Christine takes the day off.
  • April on the road again.
  • Cliff with a great rant.
  • Hethr takes the day off.
  • Karen takes the day off.
  • Tracy fosters great friendships.

Enjoy (and that one)

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