My Wife – 20 to 40 Gratitudes Part 1

I'm sure that a good portion of married people will have put their spouse at or near the top of a list of the things for which they are grateful. I suppose things don't become cliché or stereotypes without at least a small kernel of truth. In that, I suppose I'm a lot like other married people.

But it's a easy answer. What am I grateful for? How about someone who chose to be with me for the rest of our lives? Someone who is willing to put up with me through all my foibles, and who is so willing to show me the things she's not so proud of in herself.

It's interesting. Throughout so much of our early relationship, Kim and I were continually amazed at how alike we were, in interests, in goals, and so on. We've spent the intervening time discovering how different we are, and how we fit together. I think it works quite well.

I appreciate so many different things about Kim that it would be pointless to try and enumerate them. Instead, I'll hit some of the high points and let you guess the rest.

I love how Kim cheers for me to succeed, even if it's just to have a better crappy day than the crappy day before. The crappy days are very few and far between lately, and she's a large part of that, if I need someone to act as a home base, she's it.

Kim is always willing to give me crap if I'm too hard on myself. She's taught me, more than once, that I have value, that I provide things of value to my family, and that treating myself like I'm garbage for no good reason is stupid. She won't put up with it, and I appreciate that.

I love how quick willing unafraid Kim is to give me a hard time. She makes me laugh, particularly at myself, and I know it comes from a place of love.

She is never at all afraid of jumping in and getting her hands dirty. If there's a job to do, and she knows what to do, she'll do it. If she doesn't know, she'll ask how she can help, and then she'll help.

Finally, for this list, at least, I love how I never have to ask her where I stand. She won't stand behind a false smile and seethe. If I've done something wrong, I apologize. If she does something wrong, she apologizes. I had a hard time understanding that relationships could work that way. Especially the first time I messed up.

So, thank you, God, Universe, Cthulhu, or whatever brought Kim and I together, and thanks, Kim, for being everything I could have hoped for in a wife.

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