Without an Ounce of Creativity

I'm fighting it. It used to come more naturally, at least at the beginning. Now, it seems like every time I open up a word processor for anything that isn't a blog post, I'm fighting it. I can talk about mom, I can talk about the house, the car, my successes, my failures. Even a humourous anecdote here and there, but the fiction just isn't a-coming.

It's not that big a deal. I don't make a living off of writing fiction and the code is flowing just fine. Still, it's irritating. I get all excited and enthusiastic about a project and then I notice that a week has passed without any progress.

So, because I'm not doing anything else with my ideas, I will tell you about them. Maybe it'll get me motivated to write about them, and maybe it won't. Maybe it'll motivate one of you out there in bloggerville to write something. (If you do and you get famous or published, don't be afraid to attribute all of your success to the inspiration you garnered here.)

Here they are:

Last Second Chances This is a story about a football coach. He's spent his career coaching football in the United States college system. He's had some really good seasons, but those are behind him. He didn't win a game in his last season, and now he's faced with the prospect of moving to Canada to coach. Caveat: He's Canadian. The Calgary Royals are the Canadian team he's been hired to coach. It's their last season in Calgary. Ownership hired him to sell as many season tickets as they could before word of the relocation got out. His marriage is over and his confidence is shot but he's got the attention of his team and they are willing to play his way. They win the first bit, but when the league catches on, he falls apart. Until something happens and he has his epiphany. Of course, I haven't gotten that far, but that's the premise.

Bromantic Tragedy

I'd originally called this one Bromantic Comedy and I still might. It's still really at the early stages, as in nothing at all is planned, but the basic premise is that there are two very broken characters who are room mates and despite pressures, both external and internal, they do no get the girl.

Dark Prophecy

This is the story I've been working on since high school. It's a fantasy story where the main character has to save the world by preventing the dominion of a dark god. It's a bit of a shell game as the champion isn't always the same person. The first two parts of this story are in revision and the more I review it, the more I want to change about it. I'm cool with that. I'm more interested in working on it than finishing it, but it's sat on the back-burner for awhile.

Doop Longsleeve

Another fantasy story that I started for a national novel writing month. I've discussed it at length on this blog before but those posts aren't around. It's a take-off on the standard farmboy being the king. It's kinda an homage to David Eddings.

There's another project I'm working on with someone else, but I won't go into that one.

That's it. Not feeling terribly inspired to drop everything and write them, but it's a start.

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