Four minutes

In an effort to show how easy it can be to write a meaningful blog post over 150 words, I'm going to write this one in four minutes. Why? Because it's almost tomorrow and I'm going to go over but I'm going to do it quick.

We had a house-warming party this evening, combined with Olivia's third birthday party.

A good time was had by all.

We invited people to spend the night if they wanted to, if they wanted to drink or if they wanted to avoid the big drive at the end of the night. Despite the fact that nobody took us up on the offer, I think it was a good idea and I'll probably extend the offer any other time we have a party out here.

All in all, I think there were thirty people here or so. It was a good excuse to get a good part of the house picked up and put the swing set together. Both things came together throughout the day, with several of the party-goers helping out.

So, it's a quick post and I'm pretty much out of time, but I've hit just about 200 words, so there you have it.

Talk to you tomorrow,