Summer Blog Challenge Weekend Edition

This weekend was filled with great and not great things. Since I didn't synopsisize the posts for those days, here they are. Thirty glorious synopses for your enjoyment.

Day 12

  • Natasha shows off her folk fest memories.
  • Zita talks about cookie cutters.
  • Meaghan details her trip to the land of sand and bankruptcy.
  • April doesn't think you're very funny.
  • Aramelle knows true love when she sees it.
  • Cliff gives us two minutes of our day back.
  • Peter with the return of the mighty muggs.
  • Tammy is a very grounded person.
  • Liam TALKS about typing.
  • Jessica pulls something forward from the past for this day's post.

Day 13

  • Natasha decides to starve out her negativity.
  • Zita, tired, keeps it positive.
  • Meaghan: so much to do, so little time.
  • April makes a change.
  • Aramelle writes a letter to her son.
  • Cliff likes bad movies.
  • Peter got a thing in a box.
  • Tammy took a trip to the lake.
  • Liam had people over and sped through the posting.
  • Jessica celebrates a milestone.

Day 14

  • Natasha turns to social media to recommend her next book.
  • Zita tries to figure out: what next?
  • Meaghan plans her next getaway.
  • April wants us to all just get along.
  • Aramelle tries to find the positive in a week of solo-parenting.
  • Cliff anticipates a new game.
  • Peter hopes to land a Calrissian signature.
  • Tammy takes on the shadow man.
  • Liam mails it in.
  • Jessica: Lessons from her perfect teacher.

I hope you enjoy this extended look at the Summer Blog Challenge.

I have learned to stay on top of things, which is a lesson I'm sure I'll forget by the time this weekend rolls around.

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