I was thinking today about my mom. It's totally self-centred, but I wish I knew more about what she though of me. How she thought I was doing, what she made of the decisions that I made when I was younger. Of course, it's easy to question all that now, when the potentially scary or painful answers are beyond my grasp. But I got to thinking that if we were a generation later, it's entirely possible that she would have written some of those thoughts in a blog. Not to say that she couldn't have written them somewhere else, or even that they for sure don't exist, but it got me thinking about my own kids.

If all goes according to plan, they will outlive me and they will in some likelihood have some of the same questions that I have about them. So, since I HAVE a blog and I tend to use it, even if that tendency seems to be mostly limited to the Summer Blogging Challenge, I figured this might be a good place to put some things about my kids. Obviously, I'll be self-censoring a little. I don't want the frustrations of one day to make them think that I hate them forever or anything. But I figure that a good place to start would be letters to my kids. So: starting sometime this week, I'll be dedicating posts to letters to the three little people in my life.

I hope I don't scar them for life.


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